REVIDA was established in 1993 as the first privately owned centre for provision of clinical medical services in Serbia. The founder was its director, Ms Zorica Savkovic, PhD MD. In February 2004 activities of the clinic took a significant turn when other specialist medical branches as well as the first PCR genetic testing laboratory were introduced. This is how the clinic became the first privately owned institute in this region. Nowadays, REVIDA is a modern medical institution with cutting-edge equipment and most eminent medical experts from the country and abroad as its employees or associates. Over 20,000 regular patients from all parts of the country have witnessed the high quality of our services. In December 2008, REVIDA Institute was converted into a specialist ophthalmology hospital.

REVIDA’s activities are broad and encompass a wide range of healthcare services in various specialist medical branches, which make REVIDA a reliable family doctor, available to the patients in any situation and at any time.

REVIDA possesses expertise, equipment and premises. You are welcome to assure yourselves of the quality of our business conduct and high professionalism, which have been recognized by our recent admission as a member of Service D'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire (CD).

Recommendations by the CD members bring confidence, allowing us to attract important and desirable clients. Code Diplomatique (CD) is a widely recognised symbol of high quality in everyday work in international diplomatic circles and economic institutions of the highest rank all over the world.


  • The only institution in possession of the certificate of Russian programme for the ophthalmology vision treatment and rehabilitation,  treatment of strabismus and amblyopia in children
  • Relax programme – relaxation of vision in persons with computer syndrome
  • Scientific and educational base of the University of Belgrade
  • The only institution where the complete surgery of the orbit is performed
  • The only institution where the metaabolic therapy by Russian method is performed
  • The first PCR laboratory for detection and prevention of genetic hereditary diseases and struggle for posterity
  • Revida  fulfills all the conditions for implementation of the JUS ISO 9001-2001 standard.

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